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Bespoke design

Australian designed and manufactured.

We also offer prototyping services and have product development experience.

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Waving Turtle
This battery operated waving turtle is a Mon Repos icon. Set on a background image of the Southern Barrier reef  corals near Bundaberg, each collectible souvenir purchased ensures a donation to the Mon Repos Turtle Centre, Bundaberg.


Outback Theatre.
Create an iconic and charming Australian outback scene complete with moving windmill and jumping kangaroos. Make it uniquely yours by colourising and applying craft materials. This model is battery operated.



Colours of Southbank
Bring South Bank to life with this moving miniature iconic Brisbane scene and personalise your memento with colour, using pens and craft materials. Just as effective with no colour this model is battery operated, the Brisbane Eye slowly turns in the background.



Kinetic Dragon Fly
Bring the dragon fly to life as featured at Brisbane Botanica Festival 2018. Learn about flight action of insects through the use of off-set cams and a crank mechanism.


Product Enquiry