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Short Run Promotions

Botanica 2017

KinetiKits was invited to run a kinetic workshop for children during the Botanica festival 2017, situated in the Brisbane City Gardens. KinetiKits designed a simple clip-together recyclable kit appealing to a broad range age range, in keeping with botanical themes. In this case, a dragonfly that flaps it’s wings when cranked.



Remarkable Moments

KinetiKits created a model for teachers to assemble which tells a story alongside its illustrated book and song. This kit was distributed to 160 Catholic schools in Brisbane presented in a custom designed box. The model is decorated by pupils or staff and each  book theme addressed with a corresponding visual element on the revolving viewer.


Colours of South Bank

KinetiKits has commissioned to design a kinetic sculpture for holiday workshops at the State Library of Queensland, South Bank in 2016. The workshops then continued at the EDGE fabrication Lab next to the library.  Simply decorate the model, insert a battery and switch it on, the wheel slowly turns in the back ground.The model is now available to the public and for sale on this website.