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Educational Products.

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Dual Theatre
Film Stop Motion animation and perform shadow puppetry. This versatile, glue less kit is easily assembled and  has strong links  with literacy and media studies in the Australian Curriculum. Even comes with optional “Rent-a-crowd” and sample background scene.  Appeals to a broad age range and can be decorated using poster paints and craft materials.


KinetiKits MultiMaker
Make Micro Machines that move. Learn while you play. These ingenious kits include 3 gear ratios, 1 motor, as well as multiple pulleys. Various combinations can be constructed on the X, Y and Z axis. Build a simple winch or a battery-powered vehicle. Add a solar panel to extend students further. Race and optimise the cars and tally the results; add in hills and explore angles. The multiple positions available for motors, axles and gears make Free Form mechanical experiments possible.

Zoetrope Animator:
The Zoetrope brings the theory of moving pictures to life. Create and view your own ANIMATION and build the motorised Zoetrope using the sprites provided or create your own. This kit is the perfect complimentary or extension project for BOOK WEEK and National simultaneous story-telling hour.

Build a motorized model of the moon orbiting the earth. Use a torch to create an eclipse. Use gear ratios to enhance and extend learning to many other areas of science. Make complex concepts fun and practical.

Story Wheel:
Every student is a storyteller. There is no limit to the creativity in this kit. Create a rotating scene that tells a story. Let the story wheel inspire the writing or vice versa. Animate certain elements on the story wheel using the “Flipper bar”. Use craft materials to colour and enhance your creation.

3-in-1 Car combination Kit:
Three options – one kit. What are the benefits of solar power over electric? How can we build sustainable cars for the future? This combination kit offers a range of learning opportunities. Power your car with battery, solar panel or elastic, all included. Students can time, race and optimise their cars.

Educational Products Order Form