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Our Story


At KinetiKits we understand that a secure future for Australia means developing critical and creative thinkers now.  Our kits encourage a myriad of thinking skills that are highlighted in A.C.A.R.A. as being of vital importance to our students.

The Australian National Curriculum is moving from subject- based learning to a more project-style system. Activities involve cross-curricula thinking and knowledge. Students are designing solutions to challenges that require thinking strategies that draw on knowledge gained in a multitude of subject areas.


William Davy, the director, is an entrepreneur who has skills and experience across a range of technical and artistic fields including web site design, advertising, three-dimensional sculpture, stop frame animation and the building industry.  Growing up in Africa meant having to recycle and up-cycle constantly.  Inventing and reinventing, using his range of mechanical and engineering knowledge, is second nature.

Denise Davy is a school teacher with over twenty years’ experience in a range or roles, (both classroom and specialist), in schools over three continents – including Africa, the United Kingdom and Australia.  Her passion is engaging and empowering children with skills to use in an evolving world.  Her education background helps to ensure that KinetiKits has strong educational links to A.C.A.R.A. and supports the growth of creative thinking and problem solving skills