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Designed in Australia

Welcome to KinetiKits

KinetiKits is involved in promoting tourism in Australia through it's Bespoke products such as the Mon Repos waving Turtle and the Colours of South Bank.

KinetiKits are flat pack kits for building dynamic creations that are appealing to children and adults. They offer a blank canvas to explore S.T.E.A.M outcomes across multiple age and ability levels. Although designed to achieve ACARA outcomes, they are open-ended and non-prescriptive. However, instructions are included as a guide. The teacher presents as a learner alongside her students and no specialist prior knowledge is required. KinetiKits opens learning pathways for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. In addition creativity is unleashed and links to literacy strengthened, by way of storytelling, dioramas and animation.

KinetiKits are competitively priced. We use locally sourced, eco-friendly materials. These kits can be readily modified using materials commonly found in most classrooms e.g. aluminium foil, cardboard, paper clips, elastic bands etc. The fold lines assist with a virtually glue-less production, which ultimately supports more efficient recycling. We are responsive to student and teacher feedback and our products evolve accordingly.

The students embraced the unknown of the building activity, made changes, made mistakes and helped each other….The kits were very affordable and the look on their faces when they finally had a working, moving, finished product was priceless.

L. Curtis Primary school teacher

Amazing. Easily integrated; great for differentiation; promotes fantastic conversation; brilliant for the Arts, Design,Technology and Language. One of the best activities you will do with your class! Thank you for inspiring young minds!

K. Hill Primary school teacher and STEM coordinator.

These kits are unique in that they allow teachers to easily facilitate Design and Technologies processes and production skills with their students – a boon for teachers who would like to engage their students with Design and Technologies, but do not have a lot of experience in this area.

The kits involve engaging, hands on activities that can be shaped to a number of curriculum areas. Differentiation (and extension) for students with a range of learning needs can be easily accommodated. The kits are ingeniously designed, but inexpensive enough that the students can take them home when their project is complete. This helps engender pride in the construction and ownership of their design.

Dr Gerard Effeney ACU

KineitKits hosted a kids activity at a Christmas Party last night.. my 4 year old was enthralled with building the spinning Christmas tree then and has not stopped playing with and talking about it since.. it’s taken pride of place at home and we can’t wait to get more kits.. hello 5th birthday party!

Claire Barton